Civilization based Health Preventive Medicine

Commentary - American Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (2021)

Civilization based Health Preventive Medicine

Meghan Pusch*
Department of Psychology, University of Calgary, Canada
*Corresponding Author:
Meghan Pusch, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary, Canada, Email: [email protected]

Published Date: Jul 26, 2021




Public health has been described as the art of preventing diseases and also comes under the society based and health medicine. Now a day in modern civilization people is having their own interest towards their health which is important to every fellow human being to overcome the health issues occurred in our day by day daily life. The civilization is common for every gender, some of the countries were failed to test the civilization with respect to ferocious behaviour towards the public. Mainly this failure occurs because of the age limitations and the gender variations. In most of the civilized countries boxing is banned because if the prevention of the injuries and other health issues like Concussion, Facial injuries: cuts, broken bones in the nose, Wrist sprain, etc. for their people. Not only boxing some games were also been as injured games but compared to them boxing is most effected game. As we discussed before about age limitations it is because of the immune power of the particular ages and not only the particular genders it varies depends on their diet, for example in ancient times the injuries were treated in natural process with medicinal leaves and roots which improves the immune power and also there diet is so good but now a days we treat ourselves with antibiotics injections etc. which where contract pneumonia added natural flavours for the particular antibiotics and body become resistant and improves immune power not as much as the original therapy because of the now days diet and all.

The health based civilization is not only for the particular diseases or particular health issues; it comes under the every health issue and every health problems and diseases. Now a days population is becoming more the government should also take the preventions accordingly because if the world is suffering with the deadly diseases the number of patients were more and the hospital beds were less it is purely showing the civilization in health centre is not working properly so we should also concentrate with the particular issues and take the safety measures and precautions accordingly. To promote the health civilization we should conduct the health programs though the people were more interested towards their health but also we should conduct the programs because the non-educated and some small villages can’t reach the exact precautions were taken to prevent the health diseases and prevention methods because of 34% of the illiterate population in the world. There are some advantages of the health civilization it increases the access to the health centres and improved quality in treatment and focus on prevention and also reduced need of primary care. The disadvantages of health care civilization is universal health care may lead to the economic costs to the financially unhealthy nation so to overcome this we can provide good health care for all particular citizens and also it is good for nation economy. Thus we are about say that the health civilization is important for every citizen in the world and also there are advantages and disadvantages in this health civilization.


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