Emerging Technologies in the Field of Public Health

Commentary - American Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (2021)

Emerging Technologies in the Field of Public Health

Mohan Guptha*
Department of Medicine, Trakia University, Bulgaria
*Corresponding Author:

Mohan Guptha, Department of Medicine, Trakia University, Bulgaria, Email:

Published: 31-Aug-2021




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Emerging technologies or it is also known as digital health can be defined as intersection of technologies and health care. This digital health care applies digital applications and transformations to the health care field which incorporates software and hardware fields. Before the development of digital health care initially there is a lot of problem in storing the persons data and there is no interconnection between one hospital to another one city to another city and one state to another state in a country they used to write persons details in a paper and they used to store but after some days it is not that much easy to find the details and problem of a person but now using this digital world we can store the persons data and we can see the data anywhere from the world.

This digital technology mainly deals with microprocessors where bus system is installed. A small chip can save a very large amount of data which helps to reduce the space and time saving process the recent ten emerging technologies of digital health are following one is artificial intelligence next one is internet of things biometrics, robotics, virtual reality, quantum computing etc. The main component of this digital world is a microprocessor which consist of a CPU, memory and input output which all are integrated on one chip and it also uses the external bus to interconnect the and interface Ram and ROM this microprocessors have very large capacity compared to CPU. Buses are the group of conducting wires which carries information from one peripheral to another there are three types of buses examples are address bus which carries only address this carries address from processor to memory this buses are hardware of the computer system this buses transform data not only inside the computer but also in between the computers. The three types of buses are control bus, data bus and address bus. Artificial intelligence is nothing but a mimic to the human intelligence in this again it is divided into 4 types and it majorly decreases the effort and effectiveness of human errors real time examples of artificial intelligence are social media send an email or message Google search banking and recently we can see siri and alexa could be considered as artificial intelligence. This developing technology helps to ease the way of treatment and now a days due to this technology doctors are available online with low cost and even we can approach international doctors and take their suggestions for the treatment. Although the information is stored in the data it is useful of the particular hospital and the doctors.


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