Environmental Health and Medicine

Commentary - American Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (2021)

Environmental Health and Medicine

Meghan Pusch*
Department of Psychology, University of Calgary, Canada
*Corresponding Author:
Meghan Pusch, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary, Canada, Email: [email protected]

Published Date: Jul 26, 2021




Environmental Health medicine is a combination of fields consists of medicine, environmental science and environmental chemistry and the main scope of this field is environment and public health. As we know that the environment health and medicine is a branch of public health that improves the health and the safety. They are different types of environments but we are going to discuss about the health environment it consists of pollution, Drinking water scarcity Deforestation, oil and gas drilling, Littering etc. These environmental pollution may cause deadly diseases like respiratory diseases, heart diseases, different cancers, all these is due to the polluted drinking water, most of the people effected were low income areas because of they were having unsafe drinking water. The people were affected by the environment by air, water, food, soil and also the same were also be more healthier with the same air, water, food, soil because of they were taking the non-polluted environment organisms. According to our environment the water is polluted through the metabolized medicine and the waste of its travels through the sewer pipes and into the water and it will be contaminated and causes the health issues, This is mainly because of using unwanted medicine flushing them through toilets and send them to the water supply and effecting the public health and the environment. To overcome this water treatment should be done and also proper use of medicine to take care of the environment health and it is also been cured by the hygienic medicine. Environment also causes the illness and diseases it is because of the chemicals released by the industries and may lead to the allergies and viruses and also cancer etc. We the fellow human beings can take care of the environment health by taking safe drinking water and letting waste water through the drainages and also safe swimming in the community swimming pools and lakes which were cleaned and keeping them hygienic and also having clean breathing indoors and outdoors and also the purchasing the food from the hygienic restaurants and grocery too.

To Prevent the Health Problems we should follow some of the Guidelines

• Paint your house properly and keep hygienic.

• Use vehicles that run with gas rather than petrol and diesel.

• Yard waste should not been burned it may cause lungs infection.

• Plant trees and breathe fresh air.

According to our study the environment health and its medicine now let us discuss about the pharmacy environment which is relevant to the medicine and the health, the pharmaceuticals may cause harmful effects by releasing waste to the lakes and rivers and air and all wildlife organisms were also exposed. This is mainly occurs because of the pollution is created by the human activity. Some countries have the large number of pharmacy companies compared to others but the environment effected by them is less compared to the less pharmacy companies because they take the complete precautions and have the best equipment to handle the issues. The medicine is good for environment because of the scientists find the formula of the particular drug from the surface, water, marine, soils, and also they were found across the countries. So hereby want to conclude that the environment health and its medicine play a major role in every daily life and it should be habited by all of them.


I thank my professor for his support in my study.

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