Mental Health Disorders and Prevention

Commentary - American Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (2021)

Mental Health Disorders and Prevention

Ritsu Dobashif*
Department of Medicine, Trakia University, Bulgaria
*Corresponding Author:

Ritsu Dobashif, Department of Medicine, Trakia University, Bulgaria, Email:

Published: 31-Aug-2021



Preventive medicine and public health journal is an international peer reviewed journal publishes papers in all areas related to public health, preventive medicine, environmental health and medicine, ergonomics, occupational health etc. Mainly handles mental health is mainly includes psychological and social wellbeing and emotional feelings. This mental health mainly affects the person’s health. There are so many types disorders regarding anxiety personality, eating disorder, trauma related disorders etc. We can sense this before by having some warning signs like sadness, worrying about something without a reason; extreme mood swings, not sleeping properly, dramatic changes in eating. This mental disorder is caused by trauma, childhood abuse, loneliness, body shaming, commenting on skin colour. We can see especially children who suffered a lot in their early ages are more likely to suffer from mental disorders. To overcome this one should live in a healthy environment, they should interact with people, keep active, eating well, doing things where they are good at. People take spontaneous decisions when they suffer with mental disorders like suicidal thoughts. Some of the mental disorders cannot be cured but some are cured with good guidance. To avoid these disorders one should be sure to take nutritious meals, avoid smoking get enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, exercise daily which helps to maintain the metabolism of the body.

Mentally and physically good person have very good mental ability, listening skills, and have ability to maintain good relationships, to improve mental ability one should take plenty of fruits and vegetables. Especially rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Dark green leafy vegetables lentils seeds, nuts. They are different ways to get depressed it depends on the sensitive of the person. Some of the examples are losing loved ones, for teenage people it is like not getting marks properly and leads to suicidal thoughts. Most of the suicide attempts are done by teenage students. For children proper parenting is needed proper guidance is needed. Now days we can see the impact of the social media on youth. Today’s generation are very addicted to social media and they are using their phones for hours together this also leads to the mental disorders. In order to cure by own first take care of yourself, go outdoors, busy yourself with some professional work. Accept your flaws, meditate and deep breathing. To promote mental health we should provide a stable environment to children’s health and nutritious needs with protection from threats we have to support children with life skill programmes, youth development programmes, socio economic development and empowerment of women, stress prevention programmes should be conducted, violence prevention programmes should be conducted there should be a social protection for the poor and supporting elderly people. If we live with a person who is suffering from mental illness we can experience anger some times, anxiety some times, shame and sadness sometimes. Every person has different emotions and reacts in a different way. Emotional suffering mainly deals with five types’ hopelessness, personality change, and agitation. These are the some of the mental health disorders deals with the patients and Prevention.


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