Occupational Health and Major Safety Assessment

Editorial - American Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (2021)

Occupational Health and Major Safety Assessment

Akbar Nikkhah*
Department of Medicine, Trakia University, Bulgaria
*Corresponding Author:

Akbar Nikkhah, Department of Medicine, Trakia University, Bulgaria, Email:

Published: 31-Aug-2021


American journal of preventive medicine and public health is a peer reviewed international journal in general it deals with the topics related to preventive medicine and public health are occupational health, ergonomics, environmental health, medicine preventive health, public health. Coming to the occupational health it mainly deals with the work environment and workers capacity and workers safety and the proper maintenance and the support and it also concentrates on the development of the work environment. It also mainly targets the relationship between the employees and the major goals are keeping the employees physically mentally and in a well-being mannered in all the occupations.

All employees working in laboratories like biotechnologists mainly deals with the bacteria yeasts, moulds etc. there should be a proper care and maintenance of the lab and the employees who are working on it must take at most. Because small negligence may lead large damage and the person may get affected if he or she does not take a proper care during the work. There are different categories of hazards some of the examples are chemical hazards, biological hazards, physical hazards, ergonomics hazards. We can see during the interviews we may be asked about our physical and mental health and this information is given to hr. This information is collected whether to check the employee is suitable to the work environment or not. Recent example of occupational health is Covid, Due to Covid many small income companies are closed and many employees lost their jobs and many families lost their loved ones. So everyone is wearing mask sanitizing hands regularly in order to avoid the effect and many companies are taking at most care and sanitizing every area.

Coming to the industries we has variety of gas tubes where some hazardous gases gets released and this is very dangerous to the employees so every day checking will be there a small leakage can lead to very large damage. In chemical industries we can see explosions takes place this may take person’s life so the environment should be very clean neat and full of greenery so that oxygen levels around the industry will be high and pollution will be less. Due to this occupational safety there are different kinds of insurances regarding the employees like hospital facilities, transport facilities coming to cement industries we can see the construction workers might fall and coming to fisher mans whenever they go for fishing they are at high risk of drowning. In occupational hazards short term risks include physical injuries but long term hazards includes development of cancer or heart diseases. let us take an example in hospitals nurses are more effected compared to doctors because nurses spend lot of time with patients compared to doctors, so there is high risk of getting effected with the diseases and there are some hazardous materials which are explosive it may causes explosion during the transport due to this there is a loss of person, property etc. not only in transport these kind of materials are always at risk.


I thank my professor for his support in my study.

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