Therapeutic Role of Neem and Different Ways of Using It

Commentary - American Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (2021)

Therapeutic Role of Neem and Different Ways of Using It

Suma Guptha*
Department of Medicine, Trakia University, Bulgaria
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Suma Guptha, Department of Medicine, Trakia University, Bulgaria, Email:

Published: 31-Aug-2021




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Today we all know neem is also known as Azadirachta indica this neem belongs to flowering plant family. The main primitive characters of this flowering plant family are plants are mostly shrubs and trees; they are stamen free, leaves alternate. Seeds are winged and exalbuminous. These are pollinated by insects and the flowers of these trees are very small in size. There are many common plants related to this family some of them are cedrela toona, carapa obovata etc. coming to the neem every part of the neem is very crucial and the bark, leaves seeds are used to make medicine. The bark of the neem tree is used for malaria treatment and the flower is used to reduce the phlegm, and worms that present in the intestine. The fruit is used to treat urinary tract disorders, eye disorders, diseases regarding nose it also helps to treat diabetes.

This neem is also used as insecticide and pesticides. In olden days people used to mix variety of items like dung, earthworms, and neem powder are well mixed and this is used for fields this helps the soil to get strong and gives good results. Eating this kind of food helps the human body to develop more immunity. Neem oil is used to control the mosquitoes by sprinkling the oil near the man holes and upon the houses and drainages etc. neem is also used to treat the diseases occurs for teeth. We have to apply neem leaf gel to the teeth and the gums twice a day it should be repeated for 6 weeks continuously this helps to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and reduces the rescue of dental plaque. Some of the researchers tell that if we apply neem oil to the skin it is used to protect against the mosquitoes. So we can say neem is also used as insect repellent.

We can take neem directly through the mouth it reduces sugar levels for diabetes patients but one thing should be noticed that the dose of the medication should be changed when we are using the neem and should monitor carefully and it is also used for some of the minor diseases and it should not take it in access of amount because it may contain liver and kidney problems and also we should not use the neem when there is an surgery because it may reduce the interference with blood sugar control during this time. In olden days neem sticks are used as toothbrushes. Daily taking neem leaves can help to reduce all kind of infections in the body. The paste of neem leaves can be used to control the frizzy hair when we apply to the scalp. It also helps to glow up the skin when we apply mixture of neem leaves paste turmeric and water. These are the uses of neem and its advantages.


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