Robert A. Hahn

Department of Anthropology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, United States


  • Perspective   
    Extraordinary Attention, Ordinary Neglect: The High Cost of Disaster Preparedness and Response
    Author(s): Robert A. Hahn*

    Objective: To assess the ratio of public health resources allocated in the U.S. to preparedness versus other public health efforts, and to consider the merits of this ratio. Methods: Publicly available data on public health expenditures on preparedness and non-preparedness efforts and on morbidity and mortality associated with these projects. Examines five questions: - What distinguishes disaster from non-disaster? - What is the relative health burden of disaster and non-disaster events in the U.S.? - What is the relative allocation of resources for disaster and non-disaster events in the U.S.? It is difficult to ascertain the cost of averting a death associated with disaster, but I ask what is the cost of averting deaths from several causes of non-disaster deaths. - What are the ratios of resources/disaster and /non-disaster events in the U.S., and how do these two ratios compare, i... Read More»

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