Yavuz Selim Silay

Partner Fastercapital & President, Director Avcilar Hospital Red Center, North America, USA


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    Conference 2020 scheduled during July 13 -14, 2020 webinar
    Author(s): Yavuz Selim Silay*

    Drug Discovery is the branch ofpharmaceutical science with the technique of preparing drugs and dispensing. It is a health-related profession that links medical sciences with chemical sciences and aims to ensure the secure and productive use of pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacists are the specialist on the drug therapy and are the primary health professionals who enhance the use of medication for the benefit of the patients. Pharmaceutical Sciences is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that aims to integrate basic principles of Inorganic and organic chemistry, engineering, biochemistry, and biology to understand the optimized drug delivery to the body and translate this integrated understanding into advanced and innovative therapies against human diseases and disorders... Read More»

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